Previous events

Free Experimental Music

Lake City House Community Room, 12546 33rd Ave. NE, Seattle

Featuring performances by:

Robert Millis Dead Air Fresheners Cyclopsycho

8 to 11 p.m.

Wayward Music Series

Good Shepherd Chapel, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, Seattle, Wash. 98103

An evening of performances featuring:

Gregg Skloff‘s contrabass playing, augmented by electronic effects and found objects, evokes swirling storms and sweeping vistas through the exploration of electro-acoustic ambient drone, encompassing composition and improvisation.

Raica is Chloe Harris, electronic musician and co-founder of the Further label. Raica always improvises with the machines and boxes. The idea of never knowing what to expect and adapting to the room and surroundings is what drives this project. Analog and digital meet to marry a wall of sporadic and intermixed sounds.

Cyclopsycho is an experiment by musician and vocalist Ashley Shomo wherein voice technique, words, syllables and electronic medium combine to manifest adventures into the wild.

$5 to $15 donation at the door.

More information:

Oly Freak Fest

Cryptatropa, 421 4th Ave E, Olympia, Wash.

Two day/night event featuring an abundance of freaky Olympia musicians and spoken-word performances, arising freely from communal mind. $10 to $20 donation. Proceeds donated to Interfaith Works Emergency Overnight Shelter in Olympia.

Oly Eye & Ear Control

Le Voyeur, Olympia, Wash.

An evening of audio-visual performance and collaborative improv featuring solo performances by Zach Zinn (oly) and Cyclopsycho (oly).

$5 (no one turned away) All-ages

Olympia Experimental Music Festival

Le Voyeur, 404 Fourth Ave. E, Olympia

23rd Annual OEMF Saturday Matinee show $3, all ages

1 p.m. - Burning Spirits (oly) 1:45 - Cyclopsycho - (oly) 2:30 - Hammer of Hathor - (oly) 3:15 - Dolphin Midwives - (pdx)


Cyclopsycho Live on "What's This Called?", Portland

Live Cyclopsycho Performance on Streaming Internet Radio.