I am the Possibility ...

Cyclopsycho is an experiment by musician, composer and vocalist Ashley Shomo. The experiment truly came ablaze in 2003, when Ashley's long and deep relationship with expressive voice mingled with a ray of light. The first born, "Orchid," was conceived in a dream and recorded on a four-track cassette recorder in a bathroom.
The flames
grew, as they tend to, and more four-track recordings arose in the same bathroom: "Motion Sickness," "You & Me" and "Death at Dusk."( Here is the recording of the first take of "Death at Dusk.") A generous friend then made an offering of time, space and resources. This opened the material gate through which the first album, "Palace of Ah-Ha," did come in 2004 as a minimally processed, digital recording on CD ROM.
Then, as it tends to
, the fire lost control. Thee Cyclopod became a dense creative bubble furnished with new equipment, new mics and new software. Limitations dissolved and new creative experiments rolled around for three years. In 2007, Cyclopsycho's second album, "As is ..." did come as a highly manipulated digital tapestry of voice, syllables and words at play with diverse samples. The album, featuring 22 tracks, was wrapped in the photography and illustration work of Craig Billow. This release also brought Cyclopsycho to the stage for the first time (and the last time for 9 more years.).
And ... so ... the flames, now burning much too hot, began their inevitable journey toward exhaust. Cyclopsycho drifted down for a seven-year rest. Thee Cyclopod was dismantled. One glowing ember lay warm in her hearth.
Late one evening, a gentle and gracious moon-breath
reminded a secret into the heart of that ember and Cyclopsycho awoke to a new quality of flame. "Bring It" was born in May 2014, leading six other tracks out of the womb within one year. In the depth of that Winter, Cyclopsycho also offered the first Solstice Serenade, a tradition of merging heart and hands. The second and the third Serenades followed along.
Meanwhile, the call to adventure had been gestating and fully blossomed in early 2016 when Cyclopsycho performed live on the "What's This Called?" radio broadcast by host Ricardo Wang. She continues to perform ... here and there.